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It is not easy to make money at the bookies. It is not. If it were, there wouldn’t be any bookmakers. Horse racing would still be a peaceful country sport. It’s the thrill of racing, watching beautiful horses race each other, and the possibility of finding the ‘good thing.’ This country is the best place to be if you are interested in racing and other high-quality events. If you are interested in gambling, a 3/1 at Carlisle will be as good as a winner at Ascot. It doesn’t pay more to win at a better course.

We’ll get back to the main topic, which is racing tips. Where would the market be for tipsters if everyone could choose their tips? Unfortunately, it is becoming harder to pick the right Yankee while drinking in the pub on Saturday afternoons. Because of the pressure on our time, many people are turning to professional tipsters to get their horse racing tips.

Although national newspapers offer free tips on horse racing, statistics show that tipsters who pick horses in all races have a low strike rate. Even in the naps competition, few make any profits over the season. Some newspapers allow tipsters to give tips on horse racing. They are permitted to pick which races they will be tipping. However, few can make consistent profits.

When looking for tipsters that can provide winning tips in horse racing, there are many factors to consider. You should be aware of two areas: ‘expectation and ‘perception.’ The first applies to you and the second to the tipping service.

Do you want to have fun, make a little extra money or win a few? Many people are looking for a second income or even their first income from gambling, but they may still consider it fun if they win less than they expected. But you want enough winnings for a vacation or a new TV. This means that you will need reliable tips about horse racing from your tipping service.

Go to an electrical store and purchase a washing machine. Then, install it and run a family wash. If it doesn’t work, you have other options. You will eventually feel satisfaction with an engineer, a new machine, or a credit card. However, the tipsters for horse racing don’t guarantee success. Even the most skilled tippers will have losing days more than wins (especially if they are ‘laying’ instead of ‘backing’ winners). It is not about short-term gains; it’s the long-term profits that matter.

How important are these factors when choosing a betting company?


The betting service must continually prove their horse racing tips to a recognized proofing service or prove that they placed bets against them. These services include,, and the Racing Post.

There are many lists available.

A betting service should prove their horse racing tips and provide a list of previous information. You can either download the file (pdf, etc.) or view the list on their website. What are they hiding?


Anyone giving tips on horse racing without a website, even a basic one, is suspect.


It would be best if you were careful about glossy brochures and enticing emails that offer a lot of winners at high prices.

To see if any reviews are available for established tipsters, you can always ‘google’ them.

Advertisements that only feature winners are not recommended, especially if the winners are repeated over multiple days. You would think it common to show horse racing tips that win without the troublesome losers. But, those losers are what show how and why those winners came along.

Inside Information

The tea lady, not the trainer, is the most important.


Do not let the good fortune or the temptation to make a lot of money rob you of common sense. Any horse racing tips service should be checked and rechecked. Take them in your eyes for a while.