Bring some spinning magic to your day with Microgaming’s classic 3-reel slot machine. Fans of arcade gaming will love that this 5-pay line slot is played on a one-armed bandit, similar to the appliances you would find in Las Vegas casinos.

Spin Magic is not only authentic looking, it also offers a simple gameplay with base game wins up to 100x line bet value. If that isn’t enough, you’ll be happy to learn that Spin Magic offers a wheel of fortune bonus that awards extra prizes up to the game’s ultimate jackpot.

Magic Spins

This slot machine may look like any other 3-reel classic, but the magic theme will give it a new twist. Spin Magic has reel symbols with various characters, including low-paying fruits like grapes, cherries, and lemons, and more lucrative icons like a grinning magician and a gold star.

The fact that the game’s reels are displayed within a realistic arcade setup is the most intriguing thing about it visually. Players can play by pressing realistic-looking buttons that light up differently, just like in a real casino lobby.

This does limit the artwork to two-dimensional images on a flat machine, but isn’t that what makes a retro classic so unique? The game screen is still filled with color and flashing lights.

Classic Slots with a Winning Attitude

This retro game has five paylines and offers many winning opportunities. This is because you can match three symbols that pay out horizontally across the top, middle, and bottom of all three reels and in two diagonal directions.

The player can change the number of paylines using the “Change Winlines’ option in the control panel. The only thing left for punters to do after that is to decide how much to stake on each payline.Line bets are available from 1 credit up to 10 credits. This means that players can place a total of 25 credits per spin.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune

You may wonder what makes this slot machine so magical, as the multipliers for the line bets are not the highest in the industry. Spin Magic offers some magical spins for lucky players that manage to trigger the second bonus screen of the slot machine, which presents a beautifully colorful wheel.

Players must find two bonus wheels scattered on the reels at any position to activate this bonus game. The virtual arcade machine will then take the player to the upper half, where they can spin the wheel to win up to 8,000 times their bet amount. This is as easy as it gets.

Would you risk it?

Most 3-reel slots will only give the player their winnings. This slot machine allows players to gamble with a simple double-or-nothing feature. If the gamble is successful, the bet is doubled. Players only have to guess correctly whether the magician will reveal a spade or diamond card.

Enchanting Retro Spins

Microgaming, a software provider that provides a wide range of 3-reel slots, allows punters to enjoy retro-style action with various themes and designs. With its simple gameplay and subtle magician theme, Spin Magic is a great example. The game is more than that, with a bonus wheel and a 50/50 wager for exciting gameplay.

Slot Spooks and Ladders

Are you brave to enter the haunted home of this Microgaming Slot Machine? Spooks & Ladders is a classic 3-reel game with AWP-style gameplay. It’s an excellent option for punters looking for simple yet unique fun.

We mean it when we say that we are out of the ordinary. This game is full of ghouls. Skeletons. and zombies. This game is not for the timid, but bravery will be rewarded with a 2,000x jackpot multiplier in a special Snakes and Ladders bonus game.

Slots that go bump in the Night

This Microgaming AWP slot machine is perfect for those who don’t mind experimenting with the dark arts. This theme is not for the faint of heart. The game screen is a graveyard during nighttime, under a full moon. A crooked old haunted home sits on top of the hill.

A zombie is casually strolling around, looking for tasty brains for his dinner. How could this possibly get worse? Spinners can also find other slasher horror tropes on the reels. These include pickled eyes and tombstones. Spiders. Bats. Vampires. This is truly a monster mix!

This slot machine is not for the faint-hearted. It has been built to an extremely high standard. Every gory detail can be seen. The game is a novelty with its cartoon characters and two-dimensional artwork. Players won’t have to worry about sleepless nights after a few spins of the game.

Frighteningly different gameplay

The fact that players will not win anything when matching up the symbols on the three reels of the base game might be a source of fear for those who play this slot machine. Sounds pretty scary. It’s pretty decent. Finding combinations of identical symbols will trigger the Spooks and Ladders Bonus Game based on the Snakes and Ladders board game.

The number of dice rolls awarded is determined by the sequence of matching symbols that appear on the one payline of the base game. Three eyeballs will award three dice, four tombstones four and five spiders five respectively. Three bats on the payline will award six dice rolls. Three vampires will reward seven dice rolls, and three ghouls will reward 8. When three slot machine logo symbols appear on the winning line, a player will receive the maximum number of dice rolls possible. This is 9.

Spooks & Ladders bonus

After winning some dice rolls, players will be taken to another game screen that shows a Snakes and Ladders-style playing surface with several scary icons instead of the usual snakes. Snakes are bad enough.

The nice thing about this game is that the punters will always get a prize no matter how many dice rolls they use. They only need to land on “+Cash” to win a small amount. Players can also highlight three matching symbols on the squares to receive multiplier values that will be applied to their bets which activates the bonus round. If three ladder symbols are illuminated, a 10x bonus will be awarded.

If you highlight three ghosts, you will receive a 20x prize. Three skull symbols will result in a 50x win. If three Jack-o-lanterns appear, a 100x prize will be awarded. If players make it to the bottom of the board and hit the star symbol, the multiplier for the jackpot will be 2,000x.

Please give it a little nudge

This slot machine offers unique bonus gameplay and allows punters to test out some special AWP-style nudge features such as “Nudge Now,” ‘Nudge Repeat,’ ‘Gamble Nudge,” and Nudge Bank Held. The extra options will be given randomly to the spinners, so you’ll need to pay attention at all times to get the most out of them.

What is worse, a frightful good performance or a terrifyingly bad one?

Spooks and Ladders is a 3-reel video slot machine that’s fun to play despite the gore and ghouls. Even video slot machine enthusiasts will love the game because of its AWP gameplay and bonus rounds with guaranteed prizes. Keep a pillow near you to hide behind if you feel too scared!