In last month I went to Spain for visiting some tourist sites. One night when I was going to the club I found that my car malfunctioned on the road. It was a dark night and there were nobody on the roads of Madrid. So I grabbed my phone and called one of my friends which were working in an automobile company. He promised me to send a mechanic very soon. And I started to wait nonchalantly.

One hour passed, but there was neither hide nor hair of that service man. I was little worried about that so I called my friend once more, he told me that the mechanic had left and will be there in two hours. I had to wait for two hours, so I started listening music and I passed my half an hour and then I started to get bored with music.

So I started searching for online casino games on internet, I got many online slot machines on which I can play but I wanted to hang on a single machine that would make my time easy. After couples of minutes I chose a pokie that was named as Bobs Bowling Bonanza.

It was a five reels and thirty paylines poker machine which was from microgamming. It was looking a very easy contest to be tried on, and I was giving my full attention to that pokie because of its excellent interface.

I got some free spins for that event, so I started hanging on that slot machine. I played for all my free spins and enjoyed it so much, and was looking for bet on that machine. The minimum waging amount was 0.01 dollar per spin which was not so much so I started to bet. I lost some chances and won some as well. At next moment I got that mechanic in front of me, so I left playing. Soon all problems got fixed and I reached at my room. I played that pokie at my room for almost a whole night. It was really an amazing slot machine you must try on.